Sinrex 2-in-1 Male Enhancement Formula Review

I’m Robert. Read my personal story, unbiased and honest Sinrex review to see how two little big dick pills that work almost magically changed my entire life.

Yes, I’m talking about my small penis and weak erection.

sinrex-resultsIt is so weak sometimes that I can’t even penetrate my wife.

The male enhancement medication my doctor prescribed did nothing to solve my sexual problems. He didn’t seem to understand how important this is to me and my wife.

For the past three years or so I find it difficult to get fully aroused and when I do, I can’t maintain the erection.

Sinrex made a believer out of me! You can do it!

How Does Sinrex Pills Work?

When I first read the description of their 2-in-1 enhancement pills, I was skeptical. I mean, how could penis pills possibly do so much?

I believed that they might contribute to my overall sexual satisfaction by giving me a “head rush” but I had no idea they could help me achieve such a complete, mind-blowing explosion right in my own bed. More about that a little later.


Sinrex Pills are medically certified and proven to work.

They are powerful, safe to use, cheap (1-month supply is only $39.95) and contain only natural ingredients. What makes the brand so powerful is the plethora of ingredients used and the formulation itself. In addition to improving your overall health, Sinrex will also:

  • Strengthen and harden your erections
  • Vastly improve your endurance level & sexual satisfaction
  • Stimulate your libido
  • Increase the volume of semen ejected by up to 420%
  • Electrify your orgasms
  • Provide extra energy

The manufacturers packed their product full of natural, good-for-you ingredients. Once they combine inside of your body, they undergo a synergistic reaction, which serves to improve and hasten absorption rates. This means Sinrex pills will work fast & efficiently.

What’s inside those two little Sinrex pills?

2-in-1They contain a special array of herbal ingredients designed to deliver results to your sex life, as well as improve your health in general.

Sinrex did not skimp on ingredients and used the finest and purest herbs known to boost male enhancement. One of the pills, Sinrex Red, is a fast-acting Formula while the other, Sinrex Blue, is a Performance Male Enhancement Formula.

The red pills help to strengthen your erections while the blue pills intensify your sex drive and deliver increased semen volume. You must take both pills at the same time in order to get the full effect.

  • The main ingredient in Sinrex Red is L-Arginine. An essential amino acid, this herb has been proven to increase testosterone levels, as well as sexual desire, in men.
  • Sinrex Blue contains an abundance of both Lycopene and EGCG. Lycopene improves the health of your prostate by removing free radicals and carcinogens. EGCG reduces body fat and improves muscle strength.

It is simple and does the job! 🙂

Other significant ingredients in the line-up include Creatine, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, EGCG, Bioperine, and Copper Chelate. Creatine has long been used to build sexy muscle strength by health enthusiasts. All reviews I read says the formulation is so unique that it contributes positively to physical, emotional, and mental health.

How much does Sinrex cost?

It is actually much more affordable than you might imagine. When I found myself in need of it, I ordered the smallest package available, which was only $39.95. Once I discovered how well it worked, I moved up to the large package sizes. Here’s the lineup:

  • 1-month supply – $39.95 – Includes pills & bonus
  • 3-month supply – $109.95 – Includes pills & bonus
  • 6-month supply – $199.95 – Includes pills, DVD’s, & $50 Gift Card
  • 12-month supply – $359.95 – Includes pills, DVD’s, membership to PenisAccess, & $50 Gift Card

The bonuses, combined with the high quality pills, serve to deliver you an unbeatable deal.

Keep in mind that ordering the 12-month supply will make you the proud owner of a complete penis enhancement & enlargement program. The membership to PenisAccess will provide you with the exercises necessary to enlarge your penis. It makes purchasing the 12-month supply very advantageous.

6-month Money-Back Guarantee


All of these products come with an astounding 6-month money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the product after 6 months of use, you can send it back and get your money refunded.

Sinrex Reviews: Con’s And Pro’s


  1. It is marketed by a very reputable male enhancement manufacturer. The name “Sinrex” pulls a lot of weight in this field because it is well known and respected.
  2. The product is packed full of all-natural, good-for-you ingredients. The quality herbs are formulated to provide you with the ultimate in male enhancement benefits.
  3. The price is right! At just $39.95 for a one-month supply, you can’t lose!
  4. You can use Sinrex for 6 full months and still get your money back if you aren’t satisfied.


I noticed one thing on the Sinrex website that I did not like.

They advertise their pills as being a complete male enhancement system that will help you enhance and enlarge your penis. Since I do not believe that pills alone can enlarge your penis, I have to disagree with their advertising.

However, the advertising in question may be in reference to their largest package, which includes a membership to PenisAccess. PenisAccess is an online penis exercise program that will show you how to enlarge your penis through special exercises. The addition of this program to the pill formulations would, indeed, constitute a complete male enhancement system.

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Sinrex Changed My Life

Earlier, I made reference to how much Sinrex helped me with my own dilemma and how it made a believer out of me. For the past 3 years or so, I was beset with weak erection problems. My small penis and weak erections was killing me.

Don’t get me wrong…my wife understands my problem and is sympathetic but it is frustrating to start having sex and then have your penis go limp time after time after time. My wife is a relatively beautiful woman and i didn’t want to lose her. I have wondered, many times, if my wife would end up leaving me for another man eventually. Man, those weak erections just weren’t cutting it. I couldn’t begin to satisfy her, much less get her pregnant.

Sinrex reviews I read on the Internet, while researching prostate problems, got me interested in trying it. I asked my doctor about using it and he said that, while he would not necessarily recommend it, he didn’t see how it could hurt since it is all natural and safe.

results-guaranteedAfter reading many positive Sinrex reviews I ordered the one-month supply and was positively impressed from the first dose.

I was able to get hard and stay that way so long that my wife was begging me to stop.

Our bedroom escapades, to be honest, became hotter than they ever had been before and we started spending lots more time making love.

Now, the pills do not work like that every single time but they produce good results much more often than they don’t.

My erections are harder & stronger than ever and I have far fewer episodes of “limp penis.” Let’s put it this way…I will never let myself run out of those little miracle pills. Now I’m ordering the larger packages so I can get into the penis exercises. I can’t wait to share this information with my doctor. My next goal is to get my wife pregnant. What do you think of that?

better-sexFellows, take it from me.

Don’t mistakenly think that your wife or girlfriend is going to be satisfied with a lukewarm, semi-hard penis. She may understand if you have a medical problem but even so, she still walks away unsatisfied.

Learn from my mistakes BEFORE you start having problems and order Sinrex to help.

If any readers would like to share their own experiences with Sinrex, please feel free to comment below.

Robert Keyton
Philadelphia, PA

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10 Responses to Sinrex 2-in-1 Male Enhancement Formula Review

  1. Anthony G*** says:

    I’m not going to air my dirty laundry on here but I will say that these pills really do work.

  2. Thomas N*** says:

    Man, I’m glad to read your story. I have a similar problem and am going to try these pills. Wish me luck!

  3. Andrew G*** says:

    Great product!! I use them regularly and plan to keep using them forever. Good luck Robert!

  4. Joe S*** says:

    I ordered these pills but they didn’t work for me. Then again, I might have ordered another kind of pill. I’m not really sure. Anyway, I don’t believe they work so why bother?

  5. Marlin R*** says:

    I ordered the complete Sinrex system for $359.95 and was not disappointed. PenisAccess is an enormous asset to their line-up of products.

  6. John S*** says:

    Have used Sinrex and other brands but found Sinrex to be the best. I impressed a woman 20 years younger than me & am now married to her. Got to take them now!

  7. James Z*** says:

    I can testify that these pills work because they made me spew buckets of semen every time I use them. When I don’t take them, my semen output is low. Since I’m trying to get my girlfriend pregnant, I needed something to help. Boy is it working!! Robert, I’ll make a wager with you that my girlfriend will get pregnant first!

  8. Karl J*** says:

    This review is all bullshit. No pill can make your dick hard. You men need to wake up.

  9. Alfred W*** says:

    Ordered a 1-month supply of pills yesterday and can’t wait for them to arrive. I, too, have prostate problems and am hoping the pills will help.

  10. Mack M*** says:

    I just want to say that I used this product awhile back and was very pleased with it. It gave me tons of energy and I got the biggest erection ever!

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